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Caution Our Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker Sign

We have two little dogs at home, Kasey and Kniko (the K is silent), who are both Chiweenies.  They’re adorable, and they love to lick, which can be a little annoying at times.  One of them is very quick about it too.  I thought this quote, Caution My Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker, was pretty funny, so I created an SVG of it.

I made a little sign for our entryway using a Dollar Tree sign I’d picked up at Christmas.  Instead of using the front of it, I flipped it over and used the back, this way it would look sort of like a reverse canvas sign.

I painted the outer edge grey, and the inside a light taupe color called Lake Fog by Martha Stewart.  Once dried, I did a light sanding over everything to get the wood as smooth as possible for painting in my letters, and hopefully preventing the paint from running.  I then added a layer of water-based clear coat over everything to seal it.  I knew I was taking a risk by doing this, because I wasn’t sure if my paint would adhere to it when it was time to fill in my letters.  I was worried though, that if I didn’t, my vinyl stencil would peel the paint off when I removed it.

For my stencil I used clear shelf liner from the Dollar Tree.  It works great!  The only issue is if you use clear vinyl for your stencil, it’s hard to see the letters when you put your clear transfer tape, or vinyl, over top.  I used a light grey marker I had on hand to outline the outermost letters of my stencil so I could still see where my letters were, and where to place it on my sign.  To fill in my letters I used a black paint pen, and went over each letter twice.  The first time was looking a little weird from the clear coat, but the second time darkened them in just fine.

As you can see from the photo, my paint did run under my vinyl a bit, so I did some touching up with my Lake Fog color, and a fine tip paint brush.

To finish it off, I did a another layer of clear coat over my phrase, and hot glued on a little bow that I made out of jute string.  I think it turned out pretty cute, and was super inexpensive to make!

You can find my Caution Our Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker here:

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