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DIY Best Friends Reverse Canvas

Yesterday I attempted my first reverse canvas.  I used a small 5.5″ x 7.5″ canvas that I got from the dollar store, and paired it with my Best Friends Are Hard To Find SVG.

I used a knife to cut my canvas from the wood, and struggled a bit to get the staples out.  I used a flathead screwdriver to get underneath them, and quickly realized I need to pick myself up a staple remover the next time I’m at the store.  I made sure I cut my canvas small enough that it wouldn’t stick out past the outer edge of my frame, but big enough that I would have enough material to re-attach it.

Next, I painted my frame.  I didn’t have any stain on hand, so I used brown paint.  It was a little dark, so lightly brushed on a light taupe color, just to give it a bit of a distressed look.

I then cut my quote out in vinyl and attached it to my canvas to paint.  I used a cheap sponge brush that I found at a dollar store to dab on my grey paint.  (My vinyl was vinyl shelf liner that I picked up at the Dollar Tree, and I used clear shelf liner as my transfer tape.)  I knew painting my canvas was going to be a bit risky, because I had a feeling it would run under my vinyl a bit, which it did.  Perhaps spray paint would work better, or I’ve seen people use heat transfer vinyl, which looked great!  I think I’ll try that next time, I just don’t know if it’ll melt the cheap dollar tree canvas.  Once my paint was dry I stapled my canvas onto my frame.  Remember that the original back of your canvas will now be your front!

When I cut my graphic, I hid the leaves and hearts, and cut them separately out of cardboard, using my Cricut machine.  I cut 3 of each, and stacked them together, to create chipboard die cuts.  I painted them a bright blue, and super glued them onto my canvas.

All in all it turned out not too bad.  Like I said, next time I wouldn’t paint it, or maybe I’ll try spray paint.  Hopefully you’ll give it try, because they turn out pretty cute, and are an inexpensive sign to make!


2 thoughts on “DIY Best Friends Reverse Canvas

  1. Is anyone managing this site at all? I have been trying to contact for such a long time? Half of your items are not being even shown now “picture not found” and couple of items that I purchased which were actually showing as svg, upon payment – literally a blank canvas.

    Can someone get back to me?


    1. Hello Riz,

      We’re sorry we missed your message here. We did resolve an issue with some images not loading properly recently. Can you please try again? Also, can you send us your phone number so that we can contact you to confirm your recent orders? Thank you.

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